A Way to Practice Compassion by Kuan Yin

I recently attended a channeling class where I got to experience channeling Kuan Yin.  Kuan Yin is a Chinese Goddess of compassion, mercy, wisdom, and protection.  Her name means, “She who hears prayers.”  I’d been feeling very drawn to her for many weeks and on several occasions she appeared to me with a beautiful, soft-pink aura.   Her energy feels very gentle, just like the message that she offered that evening:

Kuan Yin: A Way to Practice Compassion

“I’m here this evening to speak about compassion – learning to have compassion for those that are different, those that are not like you, and those that may not call themselves lightworkers.  Those that are still here on the planet learning, and those that will remain on the planet for many millennia past your time here.  These ones that surround you everyday, truly request and need your compassion at this time.  There are many changes [happening within Humanity] and they do experience a great amount of confusion at this time.

There is an inner turmoil that moves through much of Humanity at this time.  This turmoil seeks to separate you from your neighbors, your friends, and your peers.  Yet, we in the light, protect your light and seek to bring you together so that you may form a shield to protect those that do not yet know how to protect themselves from these energies.

There are lightworkers in spirit that work together to shield and protect those here on Earth that do not yet understand the bigger picture.  So, as I speak now of compassion, I ask you to choose one person in your life, one person that is not necessarily of-the-light, and shield them with your compassion.  Help them feel the beauty of God and the beauty of the light, that you have found for yourself.”

Q: How do we go about doing that?

“Many shield others with their thoughts, with their mind, with their emotions, and their feelings.  It is different for each of you, as you each have a strong sense that you have developed over many lifetimes and you experience it as your strongest sense in this lifetime.  You may draw forward that sense and then simply move it into the vibration of love, and then direct it outwardly to the person of your choice.  When you vibrate energy at love, it simply knows what to do.  It does not need guidance or instruction; it simply knows.”

Q: Who should we direct this energy to?

“If you would be so bold, as to choose someone you may not care for, this would be very rewarding for you, indeed.”

Q: Would this be a daily practice?

“If you like, yet, I do not wish to guide you in creating another chore in your life.  I wish to guide you in using this practice when it feels most appropriate, most sincere, and most needed.  You may do this in moments of solitude and peace and you may see this as part of your service-work to Humanity.  It’s a small thing, yet it has a ripple effect, as that soul that you blanket in your own energy will then learn to do the same for others.”

Kuan Yin Artwork by Sue Halstenberg