AA Zadkiel: A Practice of Heart-Softening

[frame]archangel zadkiel[/frame]From Archangel Zadkiel:

“When your heart softens, every area of your life softens. You can see yourself and others with a more loving spirit, and energies and discomforts roll off of you with ease.

Heart-softening is a practice for some. You can train your heart to release whatever it has picked-up during the day, so that you do not take it into your night.”

Heart-Softening Practice

“Heart softening is very simple.  Just focus on the center of your chest.  Think of nothing else but this part of your body and make a connection with it.  You may even lay your hand on your heart center.

Next, as you sit with your awareness on your heart center, notice what images, memories, sensations or thoughts enter your mind.  These impressions may make sense or they may seem random or impersonal.  What you see moving through your mind is what is being stored in your heart center.

After you feel that you’ve sensed enough, imagine standing under a waterfall and make this waterfall comfortable to you – maybe the water is cool or maybe it is warm, you choose.

Allow the water to cleanse you of all that you absorbed during your day.  See the water cleansing the inside of your body as well as the outside.  Let this water be your healer.

When you feel complete with your cleansing, bring your awareness back to yourself.

This is a form of heart softening, because hearts only become hard when they’ve absorbed [energetic] toxins, fears, and responsibilities that do not belong to them.


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