Angels’ Message: A Time For Friendship

Angels’ Message: A Time For Friendship

“Dear Ones,

    We have heard your calls for new friendships and we are working diligently to bring harmonious new friends into your life.

We see that you are in a time for friendship and we see that much of the population is calling-out for this same experience: Friendship

Friendship is a special relationship where two souls get to experience one-another while incarnated.

Friendships often form based off of these conditions:

  • A need for companionship
  • A need for support

When you ask your angels for new friends, know that your new friend could be seeking companionship or support.

Think back on past friendships you’ve had, were they based on mutual companionship or mutual support?

Either type of friendship is worthy of your time and energy.

A friendship based on mutual support is often more intense than a friendship based on mutual companionship.

Now is a good time to allow your angels to bring new friends into your life, as God is actively creating a window of opportunity for this event to occur.

God is asking you to make room in your heart for at least one new friend.

You’ll know when you’ve met your new friend, by how you feel when you’re with them.

You will likely feel:

  • At peace
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Content

Meeting new friends can be easy.

Ask your angels to allay any worries or concerns that you have on this topic.

With Love,

The Angels”