Angels, why does my sense of time seem urgent or frustrated?   I feel like I can’t get everything done.

Angels, why does my sense of time seem urgent or frustrated? I feel like I can’t get everything done.

"Dear One,

    What we see in you is your mission, here on Earth.  And it is your mission that feels frustrated.

When your soul feels that it is lagging in its mission, it sends a signal to your body to “pay attention”.

And the body responds through feeling that it has something important to do.

Your body is telling us that it needs clarity, organization, and focus to succeed with its mission.

To gain clarity, there are several actions that you can take:

  • Eat mostly organic produce
  • Get plenty of sleep each night
  • Stay hydrated with water

Eating mostly organic produce keeps toxins and pesticides at a minimum in your body’s energy.

Your body’s energy is what you use daily, to complete your mission.

To be organized means creating a habit of putting things back in their place.

It is easy to move the items of your home or office to where you are sitting, reading, working, or resting.

Yet, to remain organized it is important to remember to create a special place for all of your possessions and always return them to their location.

This gives your possessions a sense of purpose and in your eyes, increases their value.

Getting organized is an easy habit to create.

To create more focus means to set aside time and energy for your most important tasks.

This may mean lessening the time you spend watching television, shopping, reading books, resting, or engaging in hobbies.

You will always find time to enjoy these activities, yet when your mission calls, it is time to put them aside.

Please remember, that your spiritual mission is the reason you incarnated, and no one but you can complete your mission.


A Closer Look at Spiritual Missions

A spiritual mission means holding a focus throughout your life, on one or many topics, that you have past life experience with.

And it is your past life experience that gives you confidence to move forward.

At this time, 50% of the planet carries spiritual missions. 

Let us offer examples of these missions:

  • A spiritually minded person who understands the Law of Attraction and shares it with others throughout their life.
  • An energy healer who offers their services publicly
  • An angel communicator who offers their services publicly
  • A channel who brings through meaningful knowledge and wisdom
  • A positive thinker who teaches optimism to others through their thoughts, words, and actions.
  • An educator that carries the ability to develop minds
  • An avid book reader who leads others to information
  • A card reader who offers readings to family and friends
  • A counselor who counsels using holistic methods
  • A healthcare worker who emits a healing frequency wherever they go
  • A parent who teaches children how to live in higher ways

Next, allow us to guide you in sensing what your mission is.

Identifying your spiritual mission can be done by answering these questions:

  1. If I could read a book on anything, what subject would it be on?
  2. If I could help people with anything, what would I help them with?
  3. If I could be known for anything, what would it be?

Once you identify your mission, you will realize that it has always been inside you, waiting to be expressed.”

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