Animals Can Trasmit Blessings

I was sitting in meditation, cleansing my aura layers, and when I got to the third layer of my aura I saw that there were two spiritual beings sending energy into this layer of my aura. I recognized them as El Morya and Kuthumi, two ascended masters that I’ve worked with and channeled at times.

They were sending me energy to support me healing myself and improving my health, which has been a focus of mine for quite a while.

They began speaking to me about different areas of my life and then began sharing brief messages on broader topics that I wanted to share.  Their first message was about blessings:

Blessings and Dogs

There’s a lot that happens behind a blessing. When one person transmits a blessing to another there are many elements of energy, of spirit, and even geometric patterns and shapes [of light] that are part of a blessing.

Did you know that animals can transmit blessings? In fact, dogs transmit them to Humans more than any other animal on the planet. It’s no mistake that dog spelled backwards is god.

As they explained this to me, I saw that dogs were like vessels and their bodies could be filled-up with the energy of blessings and then transferred to people.

As they explained this to me, I looked down at my dog who was sleeping on my lap. They said, “Dogs want to be physically close to their owners so that they can complete this work. Your angels will often work with your dog to help him receive blessings and then transmit them. Many of the answers to your prayers have come to you through your dog. Notice when he is most insistent upon sitting close to you and know that there may be more happening than you are aware of.”

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