Archangel Michael Message: Feeling Safe

Archangel Michael Message: Feeling Safe

“Dear Friends,

   “I am Michael, the Archangel called on for protection.

I come today to answer many prayers that I have recently received.

We, in the spiritual worlds, understand that there is a need for protection in your world, from people, energies, and organizations.

I, Michael, hope to help lessen your fear, and the feeling that you cannot protect yourself.

We see that there are many who possess the spiritual gift of protection.

And we seek to share this gift with you now.

Please make this request, if you feel that you need greater protection in your life:

“Archangel Michael, please gift me with the spiritual gift of protection.  Thank you.”

When you make this request, I will place the gift into your energy and activate it.

My hope is that you will feel more safe, carrying this protection.”

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