Archangel Michael Message: Finding A New Job Part 1

Archangel Michael Message: Finding A New Job Part 1

“Dear Friends,

  Many of you are pondering your career.

You are wondering if there is something more enjoyable that you could spend your time doing.

I would like to talk about career, and how we, in the spiritual worlds, see this part of your life.

Your career is meant to be a reflection of your natural talents, interests, and passions.

Your career is also meant to be easy.

Let me say that again.

Your career is meant to be easy.

Many who call on me, are asking for a new job, or how we see it – a new way to spend your time.

The way that you spend your time, is meant to encourage you to achieve more with your natural life-skills, talents, and interests.

Those who are seeking new jobs, please receive this next part of my message:

The job that you want, must match your life purpose to be enjoyable to you.

When you work outside of your life purpose, life seems to have no purpose.

Do you see?


Your life purpose was given to you by God.

And God chose your life purpose based on skills and talents that you developed in prior incarnations.

God also factored-in your accomplishments, achievements, and all of the wisdom that you gained from your prior incarnations.

As you can see, your prior incarnations are a valuable source of wisdom in understanding who you are.

Your prior incarnations answer the “how”, “what”, “when”, and “why”, regarding your skills, talents, and interests.

Your prior incarnations are also what brought you here today.

Let me say that again too.

Your prior incarnations brought you here today.

This means that you have a reason for being here.

That reason is very important.  That reason is something to seek-out in your meditations and prayers.

Many of you are working in jobs that are far below your true talents and abilities.

And these jobs do not reward your talents appropriately.

Please keep this in mind as you move forward.

In seeking a new job, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel that this job is my life purpose?
  • Do I feel that this job will create happiness in my life?

When you answer “yes” to both questions, you have found a good match.

And lastly, you may call on me for assistance in finding a job that does match your life purpose.”