Ask the Angels: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Ask the Angels: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

This Angel Message is based off of questions I received from my Ask the Angels post on Facebook.  If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll be notified when the next, Ask the Angels segment is taking place, and we would love for you to submit your question.  😊

Ask the Angels, Question:

Why do bad things happen to good people?

“Dear Friends,

    We are so pleased that you participated in our message.

We have been asked this question many times, and we felt that it was on many people’s minds.

Your World is known for its cycles.  And it is also known, that when you incarnate in your World, that unexpected events may occur.

When a soul incarnates, they do plan out much of their life – usually the major events.

And inbetween these major events, are the minor ones that are not preplanned.

During these windows of time, when your life is “unscripted”, you may experience highs, lows, and anything inbetween.

This is often when unplanned events occur.

Unplanned events to some are exciting, and to others, are not. 

We feel that when you keep a positive outlook about yourself and your life, you increase your ability to move through any experience.

The unscripted windows in life can be fun.   You can have any number of experiences, such as:

  • Meeting new people
  • Developing new abilities
  • Learning more about yourself

The unscripted times of your life are often the times when you can have unexpected growth, which can lead to the development of new abilities, such as:

  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Psychic Awareness

We Angels often see remarkable gifts that come from the unscripted times of your life.

We also see new friendships that come from these times as well.

We hope that you will take time to see life in the ways that we have expressed it here.

We hope that you will see that there are gifts in all experiences.”