Aura Doodles: A Golden Retriever Dog

Aura Doodles: A Golden Retriever Dog

This is the aura of a male golden retriever.  He has 6 layers to his aura and 4 aura symbols.

Aura of Dog

Dogs’ auras can look quite different from one another.  I drew this dog’s aura because it had more layers than most dog auras do.

Most dogs have 4 symbols displayed in their aura.  The symbols can be different and have different meanings for each dog.  Their aura symbols usually give hints to what their personality is like.

Golden Retriever’s Aura Interpretation:

Blue = He has a healthy body

Soft Pink = He is very gentle

Green = He loves to learn

Light Yellow = He is a happy soul

Violet = He has a bold, yet sweet way of expressing himself

Fuchsia = He perceives life as fun and lively

Golden Retriever’s Aura Symbols Interpretation:

Star = Truth.  He sees the truth.

Two Overlapping Circles = He has a sibling in this lifetime.

Triangle = Knowledge.  He carries knowledge.

Three Overlapping Symbols = He carries the qualities of patience, forgiveness, and trust.