Beautiful Energy and a Spiritual Being

Recently I visited a small metaphysical church in Denver.   I was waiting for the service to start when I felt drawn to close my eyes and look at the energy in the room.

First, I noticed a large, beautiful soft-pink energy that was next to a vibrant green energy. These two swaths of energy were at least 6ft. wide by 8ft tall. The church seemed very love-based so it made sense that they had pink and green energy in the church –two common colors of the heart-chakra.

Next, my inner eyes were drawn to a bright radiance of light at the front of the room. I saw a female spiritual being about 7 to 8 ft. tall radiating large amounts of white, pearlescent, and soft-pink light.

As I noticed this being, Archangel Jophiel began whispering in my ear. She said that this being was from another dimension, was overseeing the church, and that I could receive a healing from this being if I liked.

Happy to receive a healing, I agreed to the offer and a ray of light extended from the female being and went straight into my body. It felt very soft and nourishing and I was grateful to receive it.

The healing-light continued to flow into me for the next 30-minutes and I realized that this was the reason I had come to the church that day.

I’d been seeing images of this particular church in my mind all week and this is one of the ways our spiritual teams like to bring our attention to helpful opportunities.