Being A Mailman For The Spiritual Worlds

Being A Mailman For The Spiritual Worlds

In my Spiritual Sessions, I’m always amazed at how many meaningful angel messages come through for my clients.

In a 1-hour Spiritual Session, it’s not uncommon for me to spend upwards of 40-minutes delivering messages from God and the angels!

That’s an example of how involved God and the angels are in our daily lives.

The angels magically touch-in-on those areas of your life that are most important at that time.

They use these sessions to address the many different areas of your life, how things are changing for you, and how to have the best experiences along the way.

The angels are also very interested in sharing how they communicate with you.  They want you to know the signs, symbols, and situations that they use to say hello, answer your prayers, and guide you.

And the signs, symbols, and situations can be different for each of us – sometimes they get really creative!

Messages From Heaven

Recently, I’ve also been receiving more messages from Heaven as well.

Departed loved ones often reach out to offer comfort, love, or laughs.

What’s cute about departed loved ones, is that they don’t always have their messages entirely “planned out”.  And sometimes they’re a little timid in their communication, so I’ll work with God and my angels to help them feel more comfortable.

A few times recently, I’ve been in the process of relaying messages from God and the Angels, and answering my client’s questions, when in the background of the session, I can sense another presence is there. 

When I place my awareness on the presence, I know that it’s a departed loved one that hasn’t said “Hello” to me yet.

The main difference between messages from the angels’ and messages from departed loved ones, is that the angels always have a wider array of messages about you, your life, and your way forward.

Departed loved ones often share messages of hope, strength, staying connected with them, and sometimes they’ll even offer their opinion about an area of your life.

Messages from God also have a unique focus to them. 

God usually offers messages about your purpose, His plan for your life, how things can be better, how He wants to work with you more, how He wants to connect with you more, an invitation to be fully guided for a period of your life, and healing and insights for you and your loved ones.

I can say that being a messenger is never boring, and I learn so much by being a “mailman” for the spiritual worlds.