Spiritual Sessions

Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Healing, & Spiritual Counseling

Receive spiritual reading, spiritual healing, and spiritual counseling for yourself, your loved ones, or your pets. 

I offer Messages and Healing from God, your Angels, and Archangels that help you gain awareness of yourself, your life, and your purpose.

I also offer psychic and energetic readings of your energy, life, and next steps.

You can ask me questions on different topics and I frequently assist clients in these areas of life:

  • Career, Job, or Retirement
  • Children & Pets
  • Clearing Old Wounds
  • Connecting with God, Your Angels & Archangels
  • Family Dynamics
  • Health
  • Home & Land Clearings
  • Past Life Awareness & Clearing
  • Psychic Development
  • Relationships & Friendships
  • Spiritual Interference
  • Understanding Your Life Purpose

You’ll receive messages and answers to your questions, that help to clarify, offer guidance, and healing. 

I use my psychic and energetic senses and my team of angels and archangels to work with you either in-person, over-the-phone, or via Skype for our session.

Many people say they feel uplifted, more focused, spiritually reconnected, and filled with new knowledge after a spiritual session; I hope you will too.  :-)

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    Session Options

    • 30-Minute Session, $85
    • 1-Hour Session, $145
    • Available In-Person in Tampa, FL, via phone, Skype, or absentee (remote)
    • All sessions are recorded as an .MP3 and emailed to you.