Spiritual Sessions

Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Healing, & Spiritual Coaching

Receive spiritual reading, spiritual healing, and spiritual coaching for yourself, your loved ones, or your pets. 

I offer Angel Messages, Energy Reading, and Spiritual Healing from Angels, Archangels, and Spiritual Guides that help you gain awareness of your spiritual growth, life situations, and your next steps.

You can ask me questions on different topics, and I frequently assist clients in these areas of life:

  • Life Purpose
  • Career, Job, or Retirement
  • Children & Pets
  • Clearing Old Wounds
  • Connecting with Angels, Archangels, and Spiritual Guides
  • Family Healing
  • Healing Your Energy (Chakras, Aura, & Energy Bodies)
  • Soul Healing
  • Home & Land Clearings
  • Past Lives (Akashic Records)
  • Your Psychic Development
  • Relationships & Friendships
  • Understanding Your Soul Origins

You’ll receive messages and insights that help to clarify, offer guidance, and walk you into a space of healing. 

I use my spiritual senses along with my Angels and Guides to work with you over the phone, on Facetime, or via Zoom for our session. 

Many people say they feel uplifted, more focused, spiritually reconnected, and filled with new knowledge after a spiritual session; I hope you will too. :-)

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    Session Options

    • 30-Minute Session, $85
    • 1-Hour Session, $145
    • Available via Phone, Facetime, Zoom, or Absentee
    • All sessions are recorded as an .MP3 and emailed to you.


    *Please note that I cannot verify a diagnosis.  My services are of a spiritual nature and are not a replacement for medical, psychiatric, or veterinary care.