Cleanse Your Bathroom with Crystals

Cleanse Your Bathroom with Crystals

There are many different ways to cleanse the energy of a room.

Bathrooms are especially important.

Bathrooms carry a lot of energy that is rinsed off in the shower or bath.

They also carry the swirling energy of the toilet, which creates a constant churning of any energies that are in the bathroom, at the time the toilet is flushed.

Here are 3 ways to use selenite crystals to cleanse your bathroom's energy:

  • Place a selenite tower on your toilet. Selenite is one of several self-cleansing crystals.  It will self-cleanse itself, and whatever is in its radius.
  • Place a selenite wand on your bathroom countertop, to keep the energy of the busy countertop clean and fresh.
  • Place a selenite oval on the floor, in an inconspicuous location, to keep the floor-energy nice and fresh.
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