Clothes Shopping with Archangel Jophiel

Clothes Shopping with Archangel JophielWhenever I go clothes shopping, I invite Archangel Jophiel to accompany me and guide me to the right clothes. I’ve had many amazing experiences with her in this way.

Recently, I was at a department store at the mall looking for a new outfit. Based on some past shopping experiences, I was worried that I wouldn’t find clothes that fit well or that I would end up settling for an outfit that I only felt lukewarm about.

As my eyes scanned over the vast amount clothing choices, I mentally asked Jophiel to guide me to the right clothes and she replied:

Don’t think so much. It’s hard for us to guide you when you’re thinking because your body responds to whatever you’re thinking about. Instead, just move and let us guide you.

I understood exactly what she meant. I had been overthinking the whole process and my thoughts were interspersed with little doubts about the success of my shopping trip. She needed me to stop thinking, have an empty mind, and just start walking. This way she could move my body to the right clothing racks.

So, I stopped thinking and started walking. I found myself quickly moving from one clothing rack to the next, picking up clothes to try on.

I ended up finding the perfect outfit that I felt excited about and they also gave me an angel sign along the way! Check out these cute angel jeans:Angel Jeans