Connecting with a Crystal’s Guardian


I was meditating one evening with a tumbled blue Aragonite stone with the intention of experiencing its energy.  After spending many years meditating in the same way, I came to a point where I needed to spice-up my meditation and add in some newness and variety:  Enter crystals and stones – the perfect meditation partners.

I love the soft blue hue of Aragonite.  Just looking at it calms my body.  When I first went into meditation with this stone, I felt soft, calming waves of energy moving through my upper body into my head.  Then, my head and my left hand (the hand that was holding the stone) began pulsating.  It felt as though I had a heartbeat right in the center of my palm, in my hand chakra.

I was silently describing to myself how the stone’s energy felt when I heard a distant male voice say, “It’s a stone of grace.”  I wondered if this was what grace felt like – this incredible calmness that was moving through me.

I moved back into the stillness of meditation and asked to link with the stone’s energy on a deeper level.  Responding to my request, I felt Aragonite’s energy move into my lower chakras causing my belly to soften and relax.  I hadn’t realized how tight my belly’s energy was until this happened.

The stone’s energy continued to move around my body in waves, pulsations, expansions and contractions of energy that felt like an inner energy healing.  As I was wrapping up my meditation, I asked, “Aragonite, do you have a message for Humanity?”  A man with long greyish-white hair and a long beard began walking towards me; he wore a robe that was the color of the stone.  He said, “I am the stone’s guardian and its message is peace; simply peace.”  His words were followed by images that explained that Aragonite was assisting in anchoring the vibration of peace on the planet.  I thought of the stone’s hue and how it was the perfect color-manifestation of peace.  I thanked the stone for meditating with me and opened my eyes.

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