The other day while enjoying my morning coffee, I began receiving a download of information on the topic of dogs and what certain dog behaviors mean.  Being a dog lover, I was overjoyed to receive on this topic.

You’re probably familiar with some of these and some may be new. Here’s what I received:

When a dog licks you, it’s giving you the dog-version of kisses.

When a dog sits on your chest it means it’s giving you a hug

When a dog licks your feet it means, “I respect you.”

When a dog nips you it means, “Pay attention to me.”

When a dog looks at you with it ears perked up it means, “I’m listening.”

When a dog looks at you with its years flexed back it means, “I don’t trust you.”

When a dog cleans its paws in your presence it means, “I think of you as family.”

When a dog constantly stares at you it means, “I’m reading your thoughts.”

When a dog cuddles close to your body it means, “You are mine.”

When a dog doesn’t want to be around you it means, “I need my space.”

When a dog follows you around the house it means, “I want you to be my mate.”

When a dog lays on your stomach it means, “I’m healing you.”

When a dog lays on your legs it means, “I’m protecting you.”

When a dog smells your hair it means, “I’m checking you out for mate-ship,”

When a dog puts your toes in its mouth it means, “I’m hungry.”

When a dog licks your ears it means, “I’m your mate.”

When a dog nips your ankles it means, “Hurry up.”

Dog Blessings  :-)