Fairies in her Aura

[frame]white flower 200[/frame]Many years ago I was giving aura healings at a metaphysical fair.  A woman came up to me, sat in the chair and said that she wanted an aura healing.  She was dressed in what looked like a costume, but I sensed that this may be her everyday style of dress.

As I began moving my hands through her aura, I clairvoyantly saw a little fairy fluttering around inside of her aura.  I smiled, yet didn’t say anything, continuing the healing.

By the time I was finished with the healing, I had seen at least two-dozen fairies in her aura!  The fairies were busily moving around, helping her to keep her energy clean.

At the end of session I smiled at her and said, “You have dozens and dozens of fairies in your aura.”  She gasped in surprise and replied, “I’m a fairy artist!”