Healing & Upliftment from Your Angels

Healing & Upliftment from Your Angels

This article includes receiving healing from your Angels.

When you come upon the healing portions of this article, close your eyes and sit for a moment while your Angels work on your energy.

They work quickly, and each healing in this article takes less than 1-minute for them to accomplish.

“Dear Ones,

    We wish to share something special with you.

Within your chest, you have an energy center that radiates good feelings.

And these good feelings can at times become dampened. 

We, your Angels, would like to take a moment and ensure that your good feelings are radiant and strong.

Just a moment as we touch into your heart-center to check….

Good.  Now we can say with certainty that your good feelings are working as they should.

Next, let us share another secret to happy living – your body.

Your body is built to sense, receive, and release energies.

And we want to ensure that this function is correctly working too.

Allow us to take a moment and touch into your energy....

Good.  Now we know that your body is ready for greater happiness.

There are 2 more areas that we would like to address:

  • Your Heart
  • Your Mind

Your Heart is part of your Soul and your Mind is part of your Body.

These two parts of you need to be in alignment for happiness to follow.

Happiness comes when you are in the greatest alignment possible.

And happiness can come, now.

Let us begin:

Close your eyes, relax, and allow us to align your Heart and Mind....

Good.  You may have felt a subtle shift within.

Your Heart and Mind can easily stay in alignment with one another, when you do these things:

  • Live the life you want to live
  • Give to others; including yourself
  • Make your life purpose a priority

When you begin doing these things with regularity, your Heart and Mind will naturally become aligned with one another."

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