Helping Souls Cross Over

[frame]Pink-Tulips[/frame]I was doing a reading for a client one day, when he mentioned that his older sister had recently passed.  As soon as he said this, his older sister’s spirit appeared to me.  She had a blank expression on her face and I could tell that she hadn’t fully crossed-over into Heaven yet.  I mentioned this to my client and he expressed that when she was alive she wasn’t very happy and that this didn’t surprise him.

We decided to take some time and do cross-over work to help his sister get to her destination.  I began receiving information from his sister’s spirit as to why she hadn’t reached her destination yet.  She felt guilty about some things she had said and done during her lifetime and she was scared to reconnect with her family on the other side.  She was worried that they would judge her for her actions in life.

As we began the work to cross her over, she responded very quickly as many spirits do.  As she reunited with her family in spirit, her entire look began to change.  She suddenly had more color to her spirit and her facial expression turned to one of peacefulness with a smile.  She could instantly feel that there was no judgment coming from her family and that everything was okay.

After the session, I was sitting in my desk chair relaxing for a moment when I saw his sister smiling at me from a distance.   I could see that she was feeling very good by this time.  Clairvoyantly, I began seeing pink tulips falling from the sky into my office.  Within seconds, there were dozens and dozens of pink tulips showering my room.  I realized that these were “Thank-yous” from his sister and her family in spirit.

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