How Animals Communicate

How Animals Communicate

Animals often communicate with us through thoughts and mental images they send directly to our head areas, because they know the head is the part of the body we communicate from.

Many animals that live with Humans have learned to also communicate with their body and movements such as turning towards us or turning away from us.

The animals tell me they appreciate when their Humans can read these signs and signals they give us with their body. 

You can learn to communicate more effectively with your animals by noticing how their body responds to you in all situations.

For instance:

  • When you call your pet, do they look at you or not seem to notice you called them. If they don’t seem to notice you called them this could mean several things:
    • They may have hearing loss
    • They may not know their name
    • They may not be interested in coming when called (some animals, often cats, may feel that coming when called is degrading to them)
    • Or they may simply not understand what you’re requesting of them.

You can help your pet understand how to come when called by asking your pet’s angel to teach them their name and how to respond to your requests.

Your pet’s angel will show them their name over-and-over and then replay the sound of your voice calling their name over-and-over and this is how your pet’s angel can help you communicate with your animal friends.