How the Angels are Currently Helping Our World

How the Angels are Currently Helping Our World

The Angels contacted me the other day and asked if I would like to place an article on my blog about what they’re doing, as a whole, to help the World.

I excitedly said, “YES!” then asked, “Right now?”

They explained they’d give me information in a day or two when my schedule was not as busy.

So, here I am on a rainy day in Tampa, FL and I have a free afternoon to write.


There are many new groups of Angels that have been assigned to help our World.

And they’ve been assigned in response to our prayers.

So, first let’s talk about the Angels that have been assigned to help in politics.


The Political Angels

These angels have been tasked with bringing greater truth and harmony to politics globally and there are about 1,000 Angels in this group.

When I tune-into this group of Angels, I see that they are each around 10 feet tall, they all look different, and have different genders.  They have facial expressions, hairstyles, flowing garments, and of course, beautiful angelic wings.

So, let’s talk about their wings (one of my favorite subjects).

Some have a wingspan of 10 feet, while others have a wingspan of 5 feet.

Angels are often free to choose their style of wings, and some even create their own.

I should probably mention that their wings are not used for flying – they are used to communicate with one another.

Some of their wings have multiple colors running through them, such as lavenders, pinks, and yellows, and some have wings that are bright white.

I also noticed angel wings in this group that are light blue or light aqua – they’re just beautiful!

This group of Angels is already down-in-the-weeds of our World’s political systems, laying new foundations for us to build upon.

They are helping the World to:

  • Heal injustices
  • Harmonize opposing political parties
  • Clear the path for new ways of governing
  • Offer solutions for long term improvements
  • Bring the World’s governments into stronger relationships

The “Political” Angels ask us for our patience, and they send us an awareness of just how much adjustment is needed.

This is definitely not a temporary project for this group of Angels – it’s a long-term commitment.


The Health Angels

Next, we’ll look at a group of Angels known as the Health Angels.

This group was brought together in response to the millions of prayers for help with physical health and wellness.

When I tune-into this new grouping of Health Angels I see thousands of Angels, all at least 9 to 12 feet tall.

Like other Angels, they have genders, hairstyles, wear flowing garments, and emit lovely shades of light from their bodies and wings.

The Health Angels say:

“We see that your bodies are asking for greater amounts of light, nutrition, and stability and we hope to communicate our guidance on these topics.

Physical bodies require a certain amount of spiritual light to function properly.

This is because your physical body comes from spiritual light.

There are many physical bodies that do function with no spiritual light at all, yet we perceive they are functioning at a lowered capacity.

When a physical body functions at a lowered capacity, it means the most important parts of the body, such as the heart and brain, are not able to offer full vitality.

Nutrition is also part of what we receive many prayers about.

Most prayers on nutrition are asking which nutritional guidance or eating plan is right for “my body”.

We see that there are many answers to this question, as physical bodies are all quite different.

Your body is made of many different elements, such as:

  • Your genetics
  • Your past lives
  • Your Soul and Spirit

Each of these elements can bring unique nutritional requirements to your body.

And lastly, we receive many prayers asking us, the Angels, to heal, or to stabilize physical health.

We would like to take a moment and offer a solution that is easily implemented for stabilizing health.

Stabilizing health is also unique to each person yet can be easy to discern.

Notice first, what type environment your body is most relaxed in – your home, a park, the mountains, a pool?

Whatever environment your body finds the most relaxation in, is also the environment that will help to stabilize your physical health.

There are several other methods of discerning physical stability needs, and we hope to share these in future works.


Family Angels

Our next group of Angels are known as Family Angels, and they’ve been brought together to respond to prayers on family-related topics.

They appear similar to the Health Angels, in that there appear to be thousands of them, all working together.

The Family Angels say:

“We connect with those in need of family healing. 

Many of the prayers we receive for families involve family disputes, family disconnections, and family growth.

Many families have been incarnating together for many lifetimes, and they have a deep history together.

It is often their past life history that creates their present life circumstances.

We often guide families in need of healing to seek counseling, as this can teach family members how to communicate with one another.”


The Finance Angels

The finance angels are a newly formed group of Angels that have been brought together to help the World have a clearer understanding of money and the stewardship of it.

The Finance Angels say:

“We often receive prayers requesting greater financial income.

Our most common response to this request is to ensure that you are happy in your current form of earning income.

If you are already enjoying your current employment, then it is easy to build on top of that and increase your income.

If you are unhappy in your current employment, it can be difficult to create greater abundance.

We guide those who are unhappy with their current employment to begin asking, “What type of work would make me most happy?”

Once you’ve identified your answer, call on the God and the Angels to help you attract your new employment.”


The Life Purpose Angels

Lastly, the Angelic Realms wanted to introduce a newly formed group called The Life Purpose Angels.

These Angels were brought together in response to the many prayers about identifying and living your life purpose.

They say:

“Dear Ones,

We are so pleased that you are seeking greater insight about why you are here.

When you understand your life purpose and how it is needed at this time, you become invigorated with a new sense of life.

Please know there is not a single person who does not have a reason for being here - at this exact time.

And when you understand your importance, it is easier to take action and make a difference.

Please call on us if you feel lost or without purpose in your life.”


These are just some of the newly formed Angel teams that are supporting our World.

Please know and remember that the Angelic Realms are always sending you light, upliftment, and guidance.

Angel Blessings  :-)