How the Angels View Abundance

How the Angels View Abundance

During my sessions, the Angels will often discuss a person’s current state of Abundance.

They will look at these areas, and then discuss them in greater detail:

  • Openness to Receive
  • Connection with God
  • Beliefs
  • Past Lives
  • How You View Money

Openness to Receive

Your openness to receive can influence the amount of abundance in your life.

Your “Openness” is about your heart center.  Many have heart centers that are wide-open, while others have heart centers that are half-open. 

A wide-open heart center is what the Angels’ recommend for increasing your abundance.

One of the most common healings that the Angels and I offer to clients, is a heart-opening, which is a type of heart-healing.

A heart-opening offers you many benefits, such as receiving more love, more friendship, and more opportunities.

Connection with God

Your connection with God is also a large part of abundant living.

God can provide a steady stream of abundance when we are fully connected to Him.

During sessions, the Angels will often make this connection for you, if it is not already in place.

God wishes for you to have all of your needs met, and He understands that this is not always easy.

If you will open to Him, he will open to you.


Your beliefs are connected to the Law of Attraction, which states that:

“What you believe, is what you receive.”

The Law of Attraction is in place, in our World, as a teaching-tool that allows us to create a life based on our beliefs, words, and actions.

It gives us the opportunity to change our life, by simply changing our beliefs.

The Law of Attraction does exist beyond this World, yet only where needed.

It is often placed into Worlds that are growing and in development.

Past Lives

Your past lives are a part of who you are today.

Many have had past lives where abundance was difficult.

Your Angels will often identify these past lives, share them with you, and then clear them, so that they no longer hinder your abundance.

This is one of the new healings that the Personal Angels are offering us – Past Life Clearing.

As a whole, we were becoming entangled in too many past life traumas, which was causing a slow-down in our development – this is why our Angels are now helping us with Past Lives.

How You View Money

How we each view money influences how money comes into our lives.

When we receive money, it comes into our life through a specific vibration, and this vibration is based on how we are currently viewing money in our life.

The most common vibrations that people currently receive or view money through are:

  • Lack
  • Survival
  • Guilt
  • Need

The Angels recommend that we instead, receive and view money through one of these vibrations:

  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Contentment

During sessions, the Angels will often adjust this vibration for you, when needed.

This can cause your experience of money to improve, sometimes dramatically.

And a dramatic improvement, may also require these adjustments:

  • Remaining connected to God
  • Remaining connected to the Angels
  • Adjusting your thoughts around money, so that they remain consistently high
  • Adjusting your beliefs around money and releasing that which hinders

These changes will more than improve your experience of money, as money is affected by our beliefs about it.