How to See Auras: Part 2

Spend as much time as you need on each step and have fun with it.  Practice often and once you get this down, you’ll be checking-out auras all over town.

Step 1: Unwind.  Close your eyes and move yourself into a relaxed state of mind and body.  Allow any thoughts, worries, or busyness in your mind to drain out.

Step 2: Use your mind’s eye.  Imagine an image or an outline of a person you know.  If the image seems faint, distant, or you only see their face, that’s okay, keep going.

Step 3: Notice their color.  Postulate there is a color that surrounds their body in an egg shape.  What is the first color that pops into your mind?  Go with the first color that you get.  Whether you see it, feel it, or know it always go with your first sense.  Their primary aura color could be any color.

Step 4: Hear the keyword.  Continue noticing their color and ask the color, “What’s your keyword?”  Allow the color to give you a word that describes what it’s about or what it represents.  You might mentally hear the answer in your own internal voice or you might “have a sense” of what the keyword is.  Again, go with the first keyword you get.

Step 5: Hear the Message. If you’d like to get more psychic information follow on with this step.  Focus again on the color and ask, “What’s your message?”  Sit quietly and allow the color to give you a sentence or statement about itself.

You did it!  You just read a person’s primary aura color.  You identified a color in their aura and then you psychically interpreted what it meant.

Here are some real reading examples using this technique:

Women in 30’s | Primary Aura Color: Purples
Keyword: “Patience…I have patience for others.”
Message: “I have patience for others, but not for myself.”
Women in 30’s | Primary Aura Color: Purples
Keyword:Spirituality, grace”
Message:I know I’m here to help and I’m trying to find my way.  I get closer and closer each day.”
Man in 50’s | Primary Aura Color: Soft Lemony Yellow
Keyword: “Service”
Message: “I feel like I’m here to be of service to others.  I hope I’m helping.”
Women in 50’s | Primary Aura Color: Reddish Orange.
Keyword: “Love and passion”
Message:I think I know what I’m doing most of the time, but sometimes I get confused.” 
Women in 50’s | Primary Aura Color: Medium Pink
Keyword: “Love”
Message:I want to send love wherever I go.  I know it’s what the world needs.” 
Man in 30’s | Primary Aura Color: Kelly Green
Keyword: “Laughter”
Message: “I like to make people laugh.  It’s how I know I’m appreciated.” 
Man in 30’s | Primary Aura Color: Royal Blue
Keyword: “Dependability”
Message:A lot of people rely on me and I’m okay with that.” 
Teenage Girl | Primary Aura Color: Soft Peach
Keyword: “Playfulness”
Message:I don’t want people to be so serious. That’s why I’m always bugging them to listen to me.”
Man in 50’s | Primary Aura Color: Sky Blue
Keyword: “Happiness”
Message:I’ve found a way to be happy in life and it feels great.”
Man in 30’s | Primary Aura Color: Medium Brown
Keyword: “Distrust”
Message:People don’t know who I am and I wish they did.”
Women in 30’s | Primary Aura Color: White
Keyword: “Love.  But I can’t seem to find the right way to express it.”
Message:I’m trying to find which way to go.  Sometimes I get confused, sometimes I get disoriented.”
Women in 50’s | Primary Aura Color: White
Keyword: “Love”
Message:I believe in everyone’s ability to be uplifted and find their true path.”
Boy, 2yrs old | Primary Aura Color: Reddish Orange
Keyword: “Energy, Action”
Message:I like to move, I like to run.”
Cute Little Dog | Primary Aura Color: Sky Blue
Keyword: “Love”
Message:I love you.  People make me happy.”