How to Study and Learn with Help from the Angels

How to Study and Learn with Help from the Angels

“Dear Ones,

When it is time to learn new things they often appear in your life.

You may need to learn new things for work, home, or relationships.

Relationships often call for you to learn new things about yourself, while home often calls for you to learn new things about your needs.

When you need to learn something new for work, we consider this a different type of learning.

It involves using your brain, your mind, and your Soul.

It involves your Soul, because your Soul does the same job that your physical body does daily.

Souls often like to learn new things first, before their body and mind learn them.

When you need to learn something new, please make this request:

“Angels, please help my Soul to learn new information.”

Sometimes, a Soul can become stuck and have difficulty learning.

When you make this request, the Angels will heal your Soul of blocks to learning.

Once this is done, your Soul will begin to seek out the information you need for your work.

Soon, your mind will begin to take an interest in this new information, and you will feel drawn to seek it out.

If needed, this entire process can take less than one-day.

When you find that you have large amounts of knowledge that you need to retain, we recommend making this request:

“Angels, please place all of the knowledge that I currently need into me.”

And we will do this.

If the knowledge that you need is great, please allow at least 1 to 2-weeks for the knowledge to be placed into your energy.

Most likely, we will do this work at night, while your body and mind rest.

When we fill you with great amounts of information, it may take time for your mind to integrate the information into usable knowledge.

You will often feel drawn to books or websites that discuss the subject matter.

When reading a new book and you wish to retain much of what is in the book, please make this request:

“Angels, please guide me in retaining the information and knowledge in this book”.

You will likely feel guided to read your book at times when you mind feels bright or when your environment is quiet and peaceful.

Lastly, we recommend taking these steps to help your body and mind be more open to learning:

  • Take Multivitamins
  • Drink Water
  • Get Plenty of Rest
  • Spend Time in Nature
  • Spend Time in Sunlight

Taking multivitamins assist your brain with memory function. 

And memory function can fluctuate throughout your life. 

Your memory is often most acute when you are learning or practicing your life purpose.

So, you will notice higher memory retention while engaging in your purpose.

Drinking water hydrates your body and many of you reading this are souls who seek to engage in angelic communication.

Angelic communication is a type of spiritual communication and all forms of spritual communication require a hydrated physical body.

When you make the above requests to the Angels, they will begin guiding and communicating with your body and mind.

It is always easier for the Angels to communicate with a body that is hydrated.

Resting, spending time in nature, and spending time in sunlight are all ways of increasing the spiritual light within your body and mind.

And when you carry higher amounts of light, life flows with more ease.”

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