How Trees Communicate With Us

How Trees Communicate With Us

Trees communicate with us on a regular basis. 

They help us to understand what’s happening within us and around us.

Many trees have been trained to talk with Humans, animals, and other items in nature, such as flowers and bushes, that are nearby.

Trees often call out to Humans, whom they feel a kinship with.

Most likely, the trees in your front and back yard, feel a strong kinship with you, and they send you messages frequently.

You can ask a tree to communicate with you and notice what response you sense.

Trees often respond to you through your own thoughts, and you may also notice that you feel very drawn to looking-at or gazing-at the tree, while it’s communicating with you.

Trees Can Also Offer Healings

Trees can also offer healings, to those whom they feel a kinship with.

You can sit or stand, with your back against a tree trunk, and kindly request a healing from the tree.

Tree are nature’s healers, as they hold the highest amounts of light on the planet.

This is what allows them to share their light with us.

They’ve learned how to self-replenish their light-levels easily.

Humans are still learning how to do this, and we’re frequently low on light, and in need of replenishment.

Your angels can also replenish your light-levels at anytime, just say, “Angels, please replenish my light”.