Messages from Gaia, Part 1

Messages from Gaia, Part 1

“Dear Friends,

I am Gaia.  I am a Spiritual Being that inhabits your planet.

I have inhabited the Earth for many millennia.

I have seen great change come and go on your planet, and I wish to create a deeper connection with you, through these messages.

You that have been reincarnating for some time, can feel the changes that I speak of.

There was a time when the Earth did not have conflict and darkness. 

There was a time when the Earth was filled with light, love, and great purpose.

Deep in your mind, a part of you remembers a time when the Earth was as this.

The Earth is often thought of as a place of change, and a place where “anything can happen”.

For most of the Earth’s history, this has been true.

We are now in a time where this is about to shift.

The belief that “anything can happen” is being replaced with the guideline that “only light will happen”.

Let me explain.

The Earth has been home to many civilizations.  And many of these civilizations have not been of light.

The civilizations that have not been of light, have left an imprint on the surface of the planet that you walk on today.

The imprint left is one of conflict, darkness, and pain. 

This does not mean that you must experience this – it means that some experience this.

I, Gaia, am part of a larger group of Spiritual Beings that are working to remove this imprint, and many other imprints that lie beneath it.

I will offer you evidence of these imprints in a moment.

I write to you today, to request that you join our group of light.

I write to you today, to request that you make a commitment to not engage in conflict, darkness, and pain.

You may think about this first, and when ready, simply state to yourself:

“I am now a member of the group of light, therefore, I will not engage in conflict, darkness, or pain.”

Once we hear your commitment, we will bring you into our light.

Next, I will offer evidence of the imprints that I speak of.

When you are outdoors, with your feet on the ground, make this request to me:

“Gaia, please show me the imprints.”

I will send an image to your mind, showing you the grid-like imprint that you are standing in and the energy that accompanies it.

In some locations on the Earth, the imprints extend up to 3 feet from the ground, and in other locations, the imprints extend 3 inches from the ground.  It is different in different countries.

Once you have seen the imprint in your mind, you will understand why it affects your civilization – by walking through it daily.

One way to reverse the effects of the imprint on yourself and others, is to take sea salt baths when you are not feeling like yourself.

Sea salt carries a cleansing function, and for many millennia it has been a cleanser of negativity on the planet.

Sea salt also carries a vibration of purity.

When you bath in sea salt water, you are bathing in the vibration of purity.

It is now time, for those who understand this message, to begin their journey back to purity.

I will continue to explain this process in future messages here.

Be well and be light.”

*Oracle card image from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray