Money Can Uplift You: A Message From The Angels

Money Can Uplift You: A Message From The Angels

From the Angels:

“We are so pleased to be speaking with you today, on the topic of money.

We see that this topic is often on your mind, as well as the minds of others, and this is why we choose to speak about it.

Just as you have your own energy and belief systems, so does money. 

Money also has its own spiritual vibrations, that have been assigned to it by Heaven.

Heaven will frequently assign spiritual vibrations to items in the physical world, and this is to broaden your horizons spiritually.

Spiritual vibrations cause you to expand your energy, heart, mind, and soul.

They are also used as a teaching tool, to help you attract more into your life.

The spiritual vibrations assigned to money are:

  • Wealth
  • Abundance
  • Affluence
  • Having
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Control
  • Self-Worth
  • Longevity

These spiritual vibrations, cause you to attract these experiences into your heart, mind, and body. 

And they are meant to encourage these experiences in your life.

Money was originally meant to lift everyone up. 

It was meant to give everyone a way to exchange value for their skills and talents.

It was also meant to be a reward, as you continued to develop your skills, talents, and life purpose.

Overtime, money came to be used in many different ways, and some of these ways were not intended.

It is our intention to help you understand the true and original uses of money.

Money was meant to be used for:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Helping Others
  • Sharing
  • Purchasing Goods

We see that money is still used in these original ways, yet a belief system has become attached to the energy of money, and we’d like to help you release it.

Belief systems can be very powerful, when kept in place for long periods of time.

We believe that the current belief system about money has been in place for many centuries.

An easy way for you to release yourself and your family, from this false belief system about money is this, just say:

“Angels, please clear myself, my loved ones, and my pets, from all false beliefs and belief systems about money.  Please restore the original energy of money within me and those around me.”

We believe that making this request, will help you, and those you love, to use money in the highest, most helpful ways for yourself, and for others.

When you are using money, in its original intended use, you have these experiences in life:

  • You feel fulfilled
  • You don’t worry as much about your income
  • You feel that you always have enough to share
  • You don’t feel the desire to overspend
  • You seek to use your income to help yourself, as well as those you care about
  • You seek to help those that don’t have money – such as children and animals

We believe that clearing yourself and those around you, of old and false belief systems about money, is the easiest way to experience the spiritual vibrations that have been assigned to money.

And when you share this remedy with others, they too, will experience the upliftment of money."

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