One Way to Lighten Your Life

One Way to Lighten Your Life

I was talking with my Angels today and they reminded me that there’s an easy way to uplift and lighten my personal world.

They brought my attention to the energy of clutter. 

My home has limited space, so I’m finding that clutter seems to happen quickly.

And I find that I’m having to be thoughtful about my purchases and what I bring into my home, so that I don’t inadvertently create more clutter.

The Energy of Clutter

Clutter carries a grey-colored energy that feels stagnant.

And the more clutter there is in one location, the more there is of the heavy grey energy.

Additionally, this heavy energy allows for all sorts of other low-vibrating energies to anchor into it (like-attracts-like).

My Angels showed me an image of how the energy of a “clutter spot” can change, once the clutter is removed.

The energy changes from low-vibrating to high-vibrating, and the grey energy dissipates, and is replaced by fresh, clean, satiny white energy – which is the energy of “clean”.

They also showed me how clearing away clutter also cleared our minds of clutter.

Our minds respond to the energy of a room.  And when a room is clean, our minds are better able to focus and create.

The last image they showed me was how decluttering affects how we feel.

They relayed that people tend to breath deeper when in a clean or organized space.

If you have an area of your home or workspace that you’d like to declutter, you can ask the Angels for motivation to do so:

Just say, “Angels, thank you for inspiring and motivating me to declutter this space.”

Angels to You,

Jen  :-)