Pet Healing: Working with the Oversoul of Animals

Pet Healing: Working with the Oversoul of Animals

There are many ways to provide energy healing to your pets, and recently I had an experience, that I'd like to share with you.

On the Spirit Plane, there’s the Oversoul of animals on the planet. He’s a large brown bear known as “Big Bear.”

He’s known throughout the Earthly dimensions, for his oversight and healing, of animals on the planet.

I recently called on him, and made a healing request.  I said, “Big Bear, please heal my dog.”

What I saw next was the spirit of a large brown bear, radiating a vivid green aura, coming down to my dog, who was sleeping in his bed.

Big Bear quickly assessed my senior-aged dog’s condition, and began adjusting and repairing his energy bodies. I remarked that I had never seen this exact type of healing before, and Big Bear replied, “Yes, many people don’t know about this.”

He continued with the healing, and my dog began to move around and start walking.

When this occurred, Big Bear stopped the healing and waited for me to bring my dog back to his bed. Big Bear expressed that my dog needed to stay in place while he worked on him.

The healing continued for quite some time, as my dog fell in and out of sleep, while sometimes wanting to move.

When done, Big Bear moved back up to the Spirit Plane. I thanked him, noticing that my dog looked sleepy, and I could tell that much work had taken place.

The next day, I quietly thanked Big Bear again, as my dog looked happy and refreshed.

You can work with Big Bear, for any animals that you care for, just make this request: "Big Bear, please heal [animal's name]."