Pets Speak-Up During Readings

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Lately in my client readings, talkative pets have been coming forward to give messages to their owners.  The pets show me that they read their owner’s thoughts and they often express concern for the challenges that their owner is dealing with.

For instance,


  • If there’s one thing that you often worry about, your pet knows all about this.
  • If you’re single, but don’t want to be single – guess who knows all about that – your pet.
  • If there are problems within the household or family, your animal companion will be highly tuned-into this.

Here’s a pet message that I posted from Archangel Ariel on a similar topic:

Pets have distinct personalities just as we do.  They may be:

  • Quiet or talkative
  • Outgoing or shy
  • Caretaker types that are always concerned with your wellbeing
  • Protective types that believe they are in place to protect you from the world
  • Companions that see you as their mate.
  • Young souls that are similar to children; still growing and learning
  • Old souls that wish you would listen to them and take their advice