Relax and Pray About It

[frame][/frame]I had dinner with a friend this week at Brio Tuscan Grille in Lone Tree, CO.  They had a small gluten-free menu so I was able to get a pretty good pasta dish.  The interior of the restaurant was beautiful and very spacious, not something a lot of newer restaurants are still into and the noise level was good.  Have you noticed how most new restaurants offer almost no privacy space in between tables and you can hear everyone else’s conversations?  Anyhoo….My friend and I met in psychic school so our conversations are always filled with our spiritual observations about life and energy.  She was talking about trying to make changes in her life and she made this comment that cracked me up: “Whenever I try too hard nothing works [in life] and I end up F’ing it up so badly that God has to do extra work to fix me.”  So true V! Thank you for that.

Sometimes it’s when we quit trying to make something happen that it finally happens.  I’ve learned that when I start to feel like I’m pushing to make something happen in my life, that I need to just step back, relax, pray about it, and know that if it’s supposed to happen that it will.