Spirits, Angels, and Grocery Shopping

[frame]Blue_Angel[/frame]While I was shopping at the grocery store today I decided to look around and see what kind energy-activity I noticed.  While I was picking up some fruits and veggies for juicing, I noticed a young woman in the checkout line with two romance angels on either side of her head.  They appeared to be helping her with her love life.

Next, I noticed woman in her late fifties who was shopping with her husband.  She caught my attention because there was a lot of spirit activity behind her.  I could see her departed mother and father and I sensed there were several more family members with them.  She practically had a train of family members floating behind her.  It seems that she had asked them to be with her all of the time and so they were.

I also saw a large family angel who was accompanying a family of a mom, a dad, and two children on their shopping trip.  And on my way to the registers, there was a cute, little, spirit-dog trotting next to his owner.