Spiritual Remedies for Finding Employment

Spiritual Remedies for Finding EmploymentGod, the angels, and your spiritual team can assist you in finding employment.

Here are three spiritual steps to assist in finding new employment:

1. Adjust Your Spiritual Agreements: Spiritual agreements are soul-level agreements or contracts that we have with other people as well as large groups of people.

There have been times in the past, where large groups of people in a country were unemployed and I noticed that they were all part of a group spiritual agreement to be unemployed together at the same time.

You might be thinking, “Why in the world would someone’s soul agree to this?” Well, there are many possibilities. Sometimes it has to do with group karma that has carried over from a past life or it may be about going through the tough-stuff together as a group and learning similar soul lessons as a group.

If you think you might be part of a group agreement like the ones I’ve mentioned. Try this prayer for removing yourself from the group agreement so that you can move forward at your own pace rather than the group’s pace.

Dearest God, Angels, and Archangel Raziel, I now ask to be released from any spiritual agreements that are hindering my ability to find employment. Please remove me from these agreements and release me from all karmic ties that these agreements hold .

And so it is, in all directions of time. Thank you, Amen.

2. Use this Angel Remedy: Next, finish up with an Angel Remedy, so that your angels have a clear invitation to help you in finding employment.

Angels and Archangels, thank you for putting the perfect job right in front of me; one that will pay my bills and be rewarding.

3. Expect Good: Stay optimistic and keep your eyes and ears open. Optimism raises your vibration and makes it easier for God and the Angels to guide you.  Notice the ideas that come into your mind, as these are pure guidance.


–       Jen