The Angel in the Forest

The Angel in the Forest

This past weekend I was hiking in a forest near Evergreen, Colorado. The forest was filled with 40 to 50 foot trees, cool temperatures, and a bit of snow on the ground.

As we were hiking back to the trailhead, I saw an incredibly large angel standing amongst the trees. The angel was at least 40 feet tall, with the top of its figure reaching the tops of the trees.

At times I’ve met angels that were overflowing with excitement and happiness. This angel’s energy felt calm, somewhat feminine, very peaceful, and zen-like.

As soon as I noticed the angel, she said to me, “Blessings to you and your companion.” As I continued to walk, I asked the angel what her focus was and she replied that it was here to monitor the health of the trees.

I asked her if she was considered a “Forest Angel” and she replied very specifically that she was known as a “Tree Angel”.

I was curious if she had a name and she said, “We take on the names of the tree spirits around us, because we are merged with their consciousness.

I thanked her for sharing and continued to hike.

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