The Angels in the Church

The Angels in the Church

I was walking by a beautiful church this weekend that’s a well-known cathedral in Tampa, FL.  It was built by the Jesuits in 1898 and is known for its ornate and breathtaking architecture and interior design.

As I stood outside the cathedral, I sensed that many Church Angels were inside. 

Church Angels are a special grouping of Angels that are assigned to care for churches.

I decided to see if the doors were open, so I could sit for a bit and talk with the Cathedral’s Angels.

The church was open, and as I walked inside, I was taken aback by the many stained-glass windows and ornate architecture – it was stunning.

I was one of only a few people in the spacious church, so I felt like I had the entire cathedral to myself.

I sat in a pew and continued to take-in the interior design of the church. 

I could sense that the Church Angels were waiting for me to place my awareness on them, but there was just too much to look at.

Once I felt filled with the awesomeness of the Cathedral, I placed my awareness on the Church Angels and mentally said, “Hello Angels”.

They responded with a greeting and let me know that they had been expecting me.

They explained that they were currently rebuilding the spiritual foundation of this particular church, and that Church Angels from other local churches were helping them.

They were a group of twelve Angels, all around 12-feet tall.  And they were located up high, towards the dome of the cathedral.

They explained that normally there were two Church Angels assigned to this location, and that the others were from surrounding churches.

It seems that the churches energy had been damaged and was in need of repair.

They explained that rebuilding the churches energetic foundation would take about 2-days, which seemed fast to me.

As I continued to sit and take-in the interior of the church, the Angels said that they had a message to share.

It was about churches and the Angels assigned to them.  They said:

“If you are ever in need of Angelic Guidance, you may enter a church and request a connection with the church’s Angels.

All churches have Angels assigned to them - we are known as “Church Angels”. 

Church Angels care for the wellbeing of a church, and when people come into the church, we offer them guidance and healing.

We work with many during church services and other gatherings.

You can always find us in the location where services are held, as this is our preferred location.

We cleanse the energy and work with the churches leadership to maintain the wellbeing of the church.

We want to reach out to those who follow, and work with, the Angelic Realms.

There are many in need of healing and upliftment, and we rely on you to help many learn about working with Angels.

Sharing your own experiences about calling-on and communicating with Angels, helps others to do the same.

We ask that you continue to share and teach about your experiences with the Angels.

Thank You.”

Church Angels offer messages and healing that is slightly different than your Personal Angels.

Your Personal Angels are focused on your daily life, while the Church Angels are focused on your relationship with God and your Spiritual Purpose.

They will often share insights about your Spiritual Purpose and how to enact it in the World.

Having a Spiritual Purpose is something that the Angels are adding to our Lifepaths. 

And you can spend time in meditation to receive insights about your unique Spiritual Purpose.