The Aura of Dolphins

The Aura of Dolphins

Dolphins are very unique beings.  Metaphysically, they have 2 energy bodies – the physical body and the spiritual body.

In comparison, Humans have 7 energy bodies, and dogs have anywhere from 4 to 7 energy bodies.

Dolphins are also known for their unique ability to communicate telepathy with any type of lifeform, including Humans.

The Dolphin's Auras

Last week, I was in Orlando, FL at a dolphin interaction water park.

Several others and I were allowed to spend 30 minutes with 2 dolphins.

We got to feel their exterior, kiss their noses, and hold onto their fins, while they pulled us through the water for a short distance.

I noticed that all the dolphins in the water had the exact same aura surrounding their bodies.

Their auras extended 5 feet around them and were a beautiful color of semi-translucent teal.

Their auras were also perfectly clean and vibrant.

The angels tell me this is because they have natural energy cleansing abilities within their spritual bodies, that keep their aura’s clean.

In contrast, other large Ocean dwellers, have auras that are often clouded with heavy energies, just like Human auras can be.

Dolphins are also very advanced souls, meaning that they carry much knowledge and experience as spiritual beings.

Humans have learned much from Dolphins already, and there is still more to come.