The Energy Behind Weeping Willow Trees

The Energy Behind Weeping Willow Trees

The weeping willow tree carries a strong and sweet energy.  It has many facets to its energetic makeup that I’ll explain in this article.


The weeping willow tree carries these 6 vibrations:

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Gentleness
  • Understanding
  • Virility
  • Time Keeping

This means that when you sit near a weeping willow these same vibrations within you will receive a tune-up.


Weeping willows also have unique auras that are filled with very soft pastel colors.  And there is one geometric symbol that floats in its aura that has to do with the vibration of peace.


They also carry portals within their energy.  Each willow has at least one portal or doorway to another dimension called a dream portal.  These are one-way portals from the 7th dimension into the 3rd dimension for ushering dreamlike realities into our physical world.

Many creative writers, thinkers, and artists like to sit under a weeping willow tree and capture thoughts from the dream portals.