The Fairies Talk About Money

I sat down this morning excited to do some messaging work with one of the realms.  When I asked which realm wanted to give messages, I saw a small fairy queen come forward.

Fairy queens are called such because they look different than other fairies.  They’re usually larger, brighter in energy, dressed more elegantly, and the ones I’ve seen always carry a staff with them.

This particular fairy queen told me I could call her Cecilia.  And after I was done messaging, I googled the words, “fairy queen Cecilia”, just out of curiosity.  What appeared for many pages was an Opera called The Fairy Queen, performed by the St. Cecilia choir.

Her Message about Money

“We see so many people struggling in this department.  We see so many people that do not yet understand that their experience with money is a reflection of their experience with themselves.

Money is a symbol of value.  Those who highly value themselves, and believe that they have amazing gifts to offer others, as well as themselves, are the ones that experience themselves as a high value item.

When one has lived a life where they feel that they’ve been drug through the mud-of-life, they’ve often forgotten their value; their incredibly high value.

We speak to you today of learning to value yourself and of learning to raise the price of YOU.

Some treat their value as if they’re at a market where their value can be bargained-down at any time.

This is so sad for us to see, as we see incredible value in all that is created by God.

Ways to Increase Your Value

Begin taking stock of all of you’ve experienced and accomplished in this life.  Notice how far you’ve come from those dark spots in your past.  The ability to overcome challenges is of high value.

Give yourself compliments for all that you’ve succeeded at in this life.  And continue this treatment of yourself right now, today.

Raise the price tag that you’ve placed upon yourself, for others will treat you according to this value.

If you notice that others are not treating you well, you may need to reassess your thoughts and core beliefs about yourself.

Begin telling yourself this: I am of high value; in all that I am and in all that I do

When you value yourself, you naturally attract valuable things; things that will keep you safe and confident on your path of life.

Money is nothing but an assignment of value.  Raise your value and your money experience will have no choice but to shift as well – it’s simply the laws of nature.”