True Depictions of Angels

True Depictions of Angels

“Dear Friends,

   We wanted to say hello and bring your awareness to our presence, as we are very close to you now.

We are in the dimension right above you – the 4th dimension – where your soul body resides.

We’ve been in this location for many centuries and we come forward to help those in the 3rd dimension when requested.

The 3rd dimension is where your physical body is now – the part of you that is reading this.

Many of you may have worked with us before, and many of you have seen pictures of us.

Below are pictures of us taken on the 4th dimension and then recreated by artists in your World:

 True Depictions of Angels


Many depictions of angels come from the imagination, while many also come from soul-level encounters with true angels.

All of the above depictions are accurate and represent us correctly.

The image of “Crystal” is a time when she was seen walking through a field, with her hands on her heart, while feeling the difficulty that a Human was experiencing. 

She was pondering how to help solve the difficulty in this person’s life.

The image titled, “Look Deeper”, is of an angel named Areiel (are-ee-el).  She was sitting at a fountain deciding what mission she wanted to assist with next. 

She had recently completed her work on a healing mission that involved many Humans that were interested in learning to heal others.

In the image of “Adriana”, she was guiding Human children on a tour of a special location. 

And in the image of “Fiona” – that’s me, I was giving a motivational talk to a small group of Angel Workers.

These images are a small sampling of the 4th dimensional angels that are surrounding your World now.

We have been asked to reconnect with your physical world to provide support and guidance.


Many Changes Are Taking Place In The Dimensions That Surround Your World

Surrounding the 3rd dimension, are many other dimensions that are experiencing many types of change.

And the changes occurring that surround your World, may affect you in different ways:

  • You may experience disruptions in your nighttime sleep
  • You may experience emotional disruptions
  • You may find it more challenging to meditate
  • Your eating patterns may shift

These are all examples of how the changes occurring around your World, can in turn affect your World.

In our next message, we’ll discuss what we see occurring in your physical World, as there are a flurry of energies sweeping through your World now.

Blessings of Love, Faith, and Comfort,

-The Angels.”


Card Images:

Crystal, Adriana. and Fiona are from "Messages from your Angels" Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

"Look Deeper" is from the "Saints and Angels" Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.