Understanding Spiritual Partnerships

Understanding Spiritual Partnerships

A spiritual partnership is when you consciously partner with a spiritual being, such as an angel, archangel, ascended master, or Level of Divinity to guide you and teach you along your journey.

Spiritual partnerships are available to all and I frequently encourage clients to work with specific spiritual beings to reach their goals or have greater success with healing themselves and their life.

There's one spiritual partnership that I recommend for all and that's partnering with God through maintaining an energetic connection with Him.

This energetic connection with God is not a widely known technique and once in place it feels wonderful.  I remember the first time I connected with God in this way I felt energy and peace move throughout my entire body.

The technique is simple and I've put it into a meditation called the Spiritual Living Meditation, which is part of the Spiritual Living Class.

In this class, I also discuss my background with being a psychic person and how that all unfolded for me.

Spiritual partnerships are just like any other relationship in your life - the more you tend to them, the more they grow, and the more you expand in new ways.

You can start or continue your spiritual partnership journey here at my online school, Spiritual Sanctuary.