What is Clairsentience?

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is a form of psychic feeling.  It’s the ability to feel energy through your aura and your body.

Clairsentience is the most commonly experienced psychic ability and 80% of the population has experienced clairsentience before.

Here are some common clairsentient experiences:

Feeling nervous right before you walk into a room. This is an indicator that you’re sensing an upcoming experience that has yet to happen in that room.  Most likely the experience involves you as a party or a witness.

Feeling anxious while around large groups of people. Many forms of anxiety are clairsentience-related.

Feelings of peace while being outdoors. You’re picking-up on the energy that nature radiates.

Feelings of excitement when you get a new idea. Ideas happen when inspiration is poured into you.

Feelings of contentment and safety. You’re picking up on your angels’ that are standing around you.

Feelings of movement and physical energy. You’re picking up on the energies of people around you.