What is Soul Retrieval?

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the process of bringing a person’s soul back into wholeness.  It’s a method of healing that retrieves pieces of your soul that have fractured-off and floated away from your body.

These little soul-pieces are called soul fragments and it’s possible to have anywhere from one to hundreds of soul fragments.

Soul fragments can be smaller than a pinhead or as large as a quarter and they stay connected to the soul by a thread-like string of energy.  Soul fragments can hover close to the body or up to ten feet away.  They can also get stuck in past lifetimes as well.

What Causes Soul Fragmentation?

Soul fragmentation is common and it can be caused by any these circumstances:

  • Grief
  • Traumatic situations
  • Experiencing psychic attack

Signs that You Have Soul Fragmentation

    You feel adrift: This drifting feeling is the drifting of the soul fragments around your body.

    You feel like you have little to no purpose: Your soul carries your life purpose information and when the soul has become fragmented it’s difficult to sense your purpose.  It’s like trying to read a page in a book that’s been torn into many pieces.

    It’s hard for you to connect with others: Your soul is your connection point for friendship and community and any damages here will eventually begin to reflect outward into your life.

    You have a harder time distinguishing what emotions are yours versus someone else’s.  Have you ever cried before then suddenly thought, “Wait.  Why am I crying?”  It’s because one your soul fragments floated into someone else’s emotions and you’re experiencing and reacting to their emotions.

    You have a hard time saying “No”: When you have soul fragments, you’re essentially in a weakened state, a bit more vulnerable, and this makes it harder to hold good boundaries with others.

    You feel like it’s hard to hold onto money: It’s as if money just floats right out of your hands.  When parts of you are literally floating (i.e., the soul fragments), areas of life can also begin to feel like they too are floating.

    Other soul fragment symptoms

    Your sleep is easily disturbed.

    Food seems boring.

    Depression is a common side effect of soul fragmentation

    Psychic abilities seem confusing and out-of-reach.

    You have a hard time distinguishing if you’re in love or not.

    Where can I get a Soul Retrieval Session?

    I’m offering an affordable service where you can receive a remote soul retrieval session within 24 hours of ordering it.  My Soul & Energy Retrieval Session can help you:

    • Feel more whole and focused which can lead to more action and productivity.
    • Begin to sense more direction in your life
    • Create an interest in enjoying the company of others

    My Soul & Energy Retrieval Session is a Distance Healing Treatment.  You can order this treatment here.