Why Do Ghosts Love Laundry Rooms?

Why Do Ghosts Love Laundry Rooms?

Why do ghosts love laundry rooms?

I began doing house healings 13 years ago, and one thing I’ve consistently come across is finding ghosts in laundry rooms!

The first time I encountered this I was giving an onsite house healing in Denver.

As I walked through the kitchen, I sensed a male presence standing in the same space as the washer and dryer, which was located off of the kitchen.

When I looked closely, I saw the spirit of a man standing in the center of the washer and dryer staring back at me.

He looked like he was in his 40’s and was dressed as if he was from the 1960’s. 

He seemed nervous, as he wasn’t sure who I was, and his energy felt timid, like he was going to bolt at any moment.

Briefly, I turned to explain what I was seeing, and when I turned back around, he was gone.


Since then, I’ve come across numerous ghosts living in people’s laundry rooms.

And I found that the reason ghosts do this is because of the static electricity produced by the dryers!

Static electricity, to a ghost, feels very similar to a human’s energy.

And when you’re a ghost, the one thing you need the most, is energy so you can continue to move and function as a spirit.


When a ghost stands in the area of a running dryer, they absorb the static electricity from the dryer.

The static electricity gives their spirit body fuel and helps them to move around and travel.


Ghosts need a source of energy to remain active in their ghost state.

And when they become depleted of energy, they cannot move their spirit body.

This is why you often find ghosts attaching to a person’s auric field.


When they do this, it allows them to use the person’s energy as if it were their own.

On another house healing, I came across 3 male ghosts standing close together in a washer and dryer area.  

I could tell they were all very low on energy by the way they looked and felt. 

They weren’t moving much, and they showed very little response to my presence in the area.


They hadn’t learned how to absorb energy yet, so at times, other ghosts would share energy with the three.

I explained to the homeowner who was in their laundry room and why, then I watched as the Angels escorted the 3 men to the spirit plane where they could regain energy, light, and health.


It’s true that you can find a ghost almost anywhere.  And we're still uncovering the many mysteries of ghosts and Earthbound spirits.