Removing Crystals From My Office

[frame]lilac[/frame]I used to have a lot of crystals in my office.  One day, I received very clear guidance that I needed to remove all of the crystals from my office, which is where I do my distance work with clients.

The intensity of the crystal energy was pulling and distracting my energy while I was doing psychic work.  The only crystal that I was able to leave in the room was a large polished rose quartz.

Many months ago, in a moment of crystal-excitement, I had showered my office with many of my favorite crystals; rose quartz, amethyst, selenite, and clear quartz.  I had them on desks and on the floor so they could surround the border of the room.

I had recently been feeling funny about all the crystals in the room and what my team was telling me made sense.  So, I quickly removed all crystals from the room, leaving only one rose quartz on my desk.

The next week while in my office I heard one of my guides say, “You need to remove all crystals from this room.”  I replied to him that I had already done this the week before.  And he repeated again, “You need to remove all crystals from this room.”

Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to the window curtain in the room.  I pulled back the curtain and saw two clear quartz points staring at me.  I realized I had totally forgotten that I had put those crystals on the windowsill.

Next, I pulled back a floor-length tablecloth which revealed an amethyst crystal sitting quietly on the floor.  Oops! …forgot that one too.

I gazed around the room to see if my eyes were drawn to anything else.  Nope!  All crystals had been removed.