You Can Start Fresh

[frame]White Flower[/frame]Welcome to 2014!  Do you feel as though you’re starting fresh this year?  You know, when we go through a change of years, it’s not just the passing of time, it’s an actual spiritual event that occurs.  It’s like stepping through a new doorway where you’re encouraged to leave the past in the past.

You may notice that at the end of each year you have more “stuff” coming up to the surface of your life.  This is because your spirit wants to release all that stuff and not carry it into the next year.

Your angels want to help you start fresh and clean this year.  They know how heavy personal and emotional baggage can feel.  They see these burdensome energies carried on your shoulders in and in your aura.

You can start fresh today with this remedy from the angels.  Just say, “Angels, thank you for clearing me and releasing me from any past experiences, feelings, and energies that are burdening me.  Thank you for guiding me in the experience of starting fresh.  Thank you.”

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