Your Dog Can Hear Your Thoughts

Your Dog Can Hear Your Thoughts

Dogs have a unique ability to listen to our thoughts.

And this is something that almost all dogs can do.

Notice that at times your dog simply stares up at you as if listening to you talk, yet you’re not talking at all.

This is how they listen to our thoughts – they look at our head and “hear” what’s happening in our mind.

This is also why dogs often become worried about their owners – because they know what their owners have been thinking.

For instance, if you’re daydreaming about moving to a new residence, your dog may think this means that you’re actually moving. 

They don’t understand what a “daydream” is, and this might cause them to feel concern and wonder if they’re also moving with you.

Here’s another example from my life:

I like to eat out and so does my dog.  He loves it when I bring home food, like cheeseburgers and french fries, because he always gets a few bites.

One morning, I was daydreaming about what I wanted for dinner that night.  I imagined going out to get some fast food and bringing it home. 

As I was thinking of this, my dog got excited and started jumping around the room with his ears perked-up, because he was reading my thoughts.

He thought I was getting ready to go out, at any moment, and bring home ready-to-eat food.

He didn’t know that I was only considering this option.

You can play with this experience of your dog listening to your thoughts by thinking fun and loving thoughts about your dog and see how they respond.

Next time your dog is alert and paying attention to their surroundings, try focusing your mind on this:

Imagine you and your dog playing outdoors in the grass, rolling around on the ground, playing fetch, and getting lots of doggy licks.

This is what many dogs want, even when they’re too senior-aged to do this anymore.

You’ll give your dog a moment of joy just by having these thoughts.