Your Psychic Cat

Your Psychic Cat

The energy of cats is one of the most unique energies on the Planet.

Cats have a higher frequency than many animals, and they “vibrate” higher than even some Humans.

Psychically, cats are known for these unique abilities:

  • Psychic Awareness
  • Soul Travel
  • Telepathy

For a cat, psychic awareness means having an awareness of all things energetic.  This means cats have an awareness of your aura and your chakras, and they will often try to heal these parts of you.

Have you ever had a cat sit on your chest?

There’s a good chance your cat was trying to balance or heal your upper chakras through sitting on this part your body.

Soul travel, for a cat, means traveling through the energy planes in their energy body, of which they have several.

And telepathy for a cat, works just like telepathy does for us – it means mind-to-mind communication; sending and receiving thoughts to one another.

If you have a cat at home, or you see a cat running around your neighborhood, try sending it the thought of, “I see you.”

Cats will almost always respond to this thought, as they’re keen observers of their environment, at all times. 

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