How to Use Light Healing for Yourself | Downloadable Video Workshop

Light Healing is the practice of using various colors of Planetary Light to heal and uplift parts of your body, mind, energy, and life.

Light Healing is easy and accessible to all; and you do not need practice in the intuitive arts to experience its benefits.

Light Healing is Known for:

  • Lessening discomfort
  • Helping to get us unstuck in life
  • Cleansing negativity and lowered vibrations
  • Purifying the energy of our body and life
  • Uplifting Relationships, Jobs, and Life Events
  • Raising Your Vibration, which Uplifts Your Mood

These items are just a small sampling of how Light Healing helps us.

In this downloadable video workshop, you’ll learn about the 12 Colors of Planetary Light that are available to use for personal healing.

We’ll discuss what the different colors of light assist with and how to bring them into your body, mind, energy, and life.

You'll learn to give yourself general Light Healings, as well as detailed Light Healings.

I also share a little Planetary Light History about other well-known civilizations and religions that have also used the Planetary light.

You’ll also learn to give yourself a personalized Light Healing Session, through practicing the guided Light Healing Meditation in this workshop,

The workshop also includes a .pdf handout, which you’ll receive via email, detailing the Planetary Light Colors and what they assist with.

Once you purchase this video workshop, it’s yours to keep.  You can watch it online, on your Smart TV, or download it to your computer.

The video length is 1-Hour and 20-Minutes.

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