Family Connections Through Your Past Lives

Family Connections Through Your Past Lives

Family Connections Through Your Past Lives

This month I’m offering a written special where the Angels and I document which family members and friends you’ve had past lives with.

This is always fun to look into, as clients often ask me about this topic in sessions.

Before you incarnate, your soul goes through a planning process where you plan-out the major events of your next incarnation.  Things like – your life purpose, your living location, your profession, etc.

Another part of the planning process is deciding what souls you want as your family.

There are 3 common options for choosing your family:

  1. Incarnate with souls that are new-to-you, meaning you’ve never met them before.
  2. Incarnate with souls that have already been your family in one or many past lives.
  3. Pick and choose the souls that you want in your family and see if they would like the same. Usually people pick souls that they’ve known or crossed paths with in prior incarnations.

As a spiritual being, you’re free to do the planning process all on your own, or you can work with a Heavenly Counselor who will make matching suggestions for you, as well as contact the other souls involved.

Usually their matching suggestions are based on your development needs, as well as the other soul’s development needs.  And the soul-pairings are meant to be complementary to both souls.

There is one condition though, when a soul is carrying 50% or more negative karma, they don’t get to plan their own incarnation or family.   Instead, all of the incarnational planning is done for them by a group a Heavenly Counselors that specialize in karmic balancing.

This is because planning your own incarnation is considered a privilege that a soul earns over time.

If you’d like to know more about your past life family and friend connections, you can order your Past Life Connections Report here.  :-)